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Directory Plus

Advertising with Directory Plus has exceptional value for multiple reasons. Fact: A typical advertiser pays about $3,010 for their ads and receives about $101,000 in sales from consumers who use their ads:

  • 97% of ads are profitable (results vary by heading)
  • Annual calls per ad package is 194 on average
  • Revenue per call is $16.20!
  • 30:1 sales per dollar spent on an ad
  • ROI is 11:1!

Call to see our current readership in your market, 800-832-9832. We use call tracking and other methods to verify the usage and value of our products.

  • Ask us why our call tracking number results are up year over year!

For three years we tracked the amount of calls a Dentist received, on average, from their full-page ad published in the San Juan County Directory Plus Yellow Pages. Here were their results:

2013-2014: 44 calls per month
2014-2015: 47 calls per month
2015-2016: 45 calls per month

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